Life is everything about survive. It is about staying alive using everything we have. Can people live without money? Of course we can. But, with money, things will be easier. The real problem is, making money is not as easy as many people think. But, thanks to the internet, making money has never been easier.

There are so many things people can do with internet. Making money is just one of them. At least until today, there are some ways you can use in making money online. Some of them require special ability, knowledge, skills, and experiences, but some dont.

For complete list about how to make money online, please refer to the following ways:

  • Pay per Click (PPC):

As one of the most popular ways in making money online, most people choose Pay per Click (PPC) because it is very simple to do. Common procedure is as follows:

  1. Find a webiste that offers PPC service such as Google AdWords, Microsoft AdCentre, Yahoo! Search, Adknowledge,,, Kanoodle, Bidvertiser, Etarget, Marchex etc.

  2. Sign up at the websites. Some websites may require e-mail confirmation after the registration.

  3. After the registration process is completed, enter into your account where you will see list of website with their URLs. You need to visit websites in the list by clicking their URL in order to be paid. How much you will be paid depends on the website policy, usually from cents to several bucks.

P.S: In some websites, there may be some limitation of available links each day. In this case, once complete visiting all sites for today, you should stop working and come back the day after it. One day is usually enough to refresh the list and gives you another list of websites to be visited.

  • Online gambling:

You can also make money through online gambling platform and the good news is, there are plenty of places you can choose. I recommend Sbobet, one of the most famous and best betting platforms on the web. This platform offers competitive betting odds and a lot of money for special people, just like you.

  • Paid Survey and Paid Review:

Both paid survey and paid review are improved methods from both PPC and PPV in making money online. The differences located in what users need to do in order to be paid. In paid survey, in order to get paid, a survey needs to be completed. Each survey usually focuses on specific topic and it usually needs less than 10 ? 15 minutes to complete each of them. At the other side, if you choose Paid Review, then before receiving the money, user should make a review on a product, service, or website. Some people who ever tried paid services from PPC, PPV, and paid survey believe that Paid Review is a combination from the other 3 paid services. It is because no one cant make a review without visiting the object, looking at the object, and understand the general view of the object. This is also the reason why in paid review, the payment is much higher than the other 3 paid services because it takes longer time and higher skills to complete.

  • Freelance

Working as a freelancer has become todays trend. At least there are some reasons that make people choose to become a freelancer. First, with skills, knowledge, and experience someone has, working for a company is no longer an obligation in making money. You can choose your employer work based on your preference, and manage your own time. Being a freelancer means everything is up to you. Most freelancing sites such as oDesk, Freelance, Freelancer, Guru etc. also offers much higher payment than paid services that become another reason why people choose this way in getting money online.

  • Selling products online

This may become the only way in making money online that requires people to have asset before making money online. Like in the real world, there are 2 common ways in selling products online. You can choose to sell your own products through your own websites, eBay, or similar sites. At the other side, you can also choose some websites, such as ClickBank, which product you can sell and get some bonus for each sold product. Of course, it takes more time to complete, but it also guarantees higher amount of money if you can complete a task.

  • Website creation and development

It has been decades since internet found for the first time and today it has grown into a place where everyone can get connected to people around the world. In business, this means everyone can know the company and its product better at any time they want. However, unlike in the real world, running a company in the internet demands website which will become a place to introduce the company, sell the products/services etc. In order to achieve the highest popularity level which usually guarantees the highest possibility to increase business profit, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is crucial. SEO simply works by leading people to your site and read information your company provides. However, even though it is highly important, not all companies have the resources to have their site optimized for SEO. This creates another job field in making money online. If you are someone with sufficient skills, knowledge, and experience in building and developing site, then SEO optimization can guarantee a bright future for you. Working from your preferred location, you can make money, more than you can expect.

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