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    Program start: 19.10.15
    I present to you a site where you can earn some money
    We make money here for buying so-called PR Packs. One of the PR Pack costs 50? and expires when earns 60?. Profit living with PR Pack now amounts to 0.48?, but the company’s goal for 2016 is to increase the accrual for the package to 0.75 ? per day. Deposits and withdrawals are made using credit cards (Visa, MasterCard) and bank transfers. Minimal payout is 20?, the daily limit is 10 thousand euros payment. Also we earn on the referrals. We have access to up to 5 levels of referrals such. 63-71-92-120-210. 63-, our direct referrals. 71- referrals our referrals of first degree. 92- Referrals our referrals of second degree and so on … until the fifth level. To make money from PR Packs we need to see 10 ads a day, and buy a subscribe (after registration we receive a 30 days of free subscription GOLD):
    – BLUE- Free – Here we can not have PR Packs.
    – GREEN- 29.90? for 360 days- a maximum 50 PR Packs
    – SILVER- 29? for 30 days- a maximum of 150 PR Packs
    – GOLD- 39? for 30 days- a maximum of 300 PR Packs
    – DIAMANT- 55? for 30 days- a maximum of 900 PR Packs.
    Also available are three subscriptions for those who recommend the program. Without a subscription, you have access to two levels of referrals:
    – Subscribe to upgrade 1- Access to 3 levels- 60? per year
    – Subscribe to upgrade 2- Access to 4 levels- 120? per year
    – Subscribe to upgrade 3- Access to 5 levels- 180? per year
    Since referrals depending on the subscription you can earn:
    First level: Blue- 3%,GREEN- 4%, SILVER-6%, GOLD-8%, DIAMANT- 8%
    The levels are the same for all subscriptions in addition to the subscription BLUE. 4% for the second level, 3% for the third, 2% for the fourth and 1% for the fifth.
    I invest here till 25.11.15 and now I earn about 60? per day but mostly i invest my earnings. It’s great opportunity to make some money in home after work. I prefer to any interests after a period of time to pay out your contribution, for your safe. I pay out that what I invest and now I only make money
    There is a 20 minutes video presentation of this program:
    Watch, think, and join if you want
    Best regards!

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