Knitting Fabric woven processing technology is the result of the cotton made

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    Knitted fabrics and traditional cotton no fundamental distinction, first of all working from the same material, but in the technical process is different.

    Knitting Fabric woven processing technology is the result of the cotton made, but solely from the comfort of speaking only to the body in order to compare wear out.

    For knitted fabrics, it is very suitable for wearing young people, first of all this fabric texture, light, texture best material is cotton or cotton-based fabrics of synthetic fibers.

    Because cotton moisture absorption, can excellently absorb sweat on the skin. Cotton clothing is soft, breathable, can reduce the impact on the skin. Unlike cotton, rayon, not attack allergies and itching representation, so that such clothing most comfortable wearing stickers.

    For knitted fabric manufacturer who will have to solve the problem is its material. For young people only cotton clothing to match their taste, because the cotton material hygroscopic, can absorb excellent Weihan on the skin. Soft cotton clothing, personal, breathable performance.

    Knitted Cotton is a use of knitting needles and yarn bent into a circle of string to each other to form a fabric sleeve, generally has good elasticity, moisture permeability, comfortable and warm, is the most widely used children’s clothing fabrics. However, cotton is a 100% cotton as raw material made of fabric, has good hygiene, warmth, moisture absorption, permeability, use their personal clothing more.

    Knitting wool and cotton, although in appearance from very similar, but the fabric itself but there is a certain difference. First, from the point of view of two characteristics of the fabric, knitted cotton is characterized by relatively good dyeability, color, brightness and fastness are relatively high, comfort and absorption degrees and wear and cotton are similar , however, it did not cotton knitted cotton elastic, and not very acid. Cotton is characterized by having a better moisture absorption, relatively high degree of comfort.

    Cotton fabric heat better than cotton knit little, the reason is the use of knitted cotton textile technology, its surface is smooth. Compared with cotton, not easy to play ball, not easily deformed. From the point of view of two fabrics, knitted cotton dyeability is relatively high, in fact, is cotton knit with cotton thread after knitting technology from, and therefore the health and comfort of wear and cotton is not much difference, the main difference is that the dyeing process as well as wear resistance and moisture absorption fabric.

    Knitted cotton and cotton which is better?

    In fact, cotton and knitted cotton is not much difference, is the use of cotton after cotton knit textile machine made of a fabric, it is very healthy for the body without any harm. Both fabrics have certain advantages, but also has some shortcomings, shortcomings of knitted cotton fabrics Jingwei gap is relatively large, there is no cotton warm and good. However, its dyeing process is very good, but cotton is shrinking more serious, and easily deformed, both of which we really want to say good, then have to decide according to their preferences.More information, please visit:

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